Practice Schedule

Fall  2021 season (Sept. 27 - Nov. 18, 2021) no practice Sept. 30, Oct. 12
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• 2 or 3 practices per week options  see registration page     
Fall 2021 - Practice Schedule
Sept. 27 - Nov. 18, 2021 (Sept. 30, Oct. 12)

All  practices at Chisago Lakes High School pool.
AG1 Monday,  Wednesday, Thursday  6:30-7:30PM
AG2 Monday,  Wednesday, Thursday  6:30-7:30PM
AG3 Monday,  Wednesday, Thursday  6:15-7:45PM
AG4 Mon. Tues. , Wed. Thursday  6:15-7:45PM

Plan on arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled start time so you can get in the pool for warm up.  Please pick up your swimmer within 10 minutes of the end of practice.

Inclement Weather Notice: Whenever a school or facility to be used for a scheduled RVSC practice session or meet is closed due to inclement weather, the practice session is also cancelled.